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The Future’s Smartchairs are Here

It might not be able to clean your house or cook your dinner, but what if your wheelchair could tell you it needs maintenance before it breaks, or that you need a pressure release? Or what if it could drive you from point to point without you having to steer? Bob Vogel says it’s happening now. Also, in Dreaming of a Prettier Chair, Elizabeth Jameson and Catherine Monahon ask, why can’t we have wheelchairs that are both functional and beautiful?


Study Finds Epidural Stimulation can Treat Low Blood Pressure

In terms of functional recovery from SCI, relieving low blood pressure sure isn’t as sexy as standing or walking, but for those with chronic hypotension, it could be just as life-changing. New research from the University of Louisville has shown that targeted epidural stimulation can reliably raise resting blood pressure in individuals with high cervical-level SCI.


Making Sense of Your Metabolism and Making the Most of Your Body

Think of metabolism as your body’s engine. Once you understand the basics of how it operates, you can tune it to make your whole body run more efficiently. Taking you beyond fad diets and seven-minute workouts, our resident Paralympian, Seth McBride, shows you how strength, sustainable nutrition and consistent physical activity can keep you on the path to long-term health.

Working the Black Hole of Our Healthcare System

In the fourth installment of “Journey to the Far Side of Tomorrow,” Tim Gilmer finds a way to navigate the frustrating maze of our healthcare system. “The good news is real people with caring hearts do inhabit hospitals and health insurance companies,” he says. “The trick is to find those people, understand the rules and red tape they work under, educate them about your needs in a friendly way, and persistently urge them to work on your behalf.”

Problems With Rental Car Hand Controls

Rental car companies are required by the ADA to provide vehicles with hand controls upon request, but a design feature of new cars has led to more and more companies shirking their responsibilities. We give you the details of what rental car companies are supposed to provide, and how to fight back when they don’t live up to their responsibilities.


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