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Sex, Wheels and Relationships sex wheelchairs relationships

It’s February, and we’ve got a full slate of stories to spice up the long winter months. Regan Linton profiles four couples we love, who speak candidly about their relationships in and out of the bedroom. An excerpt from Ben Mattlin’s new book digs into the dynamics of “inter-abled” relationships. Veronica Skye shares an intimate look at how she hid her colostomy from people she dated for half her life before finally opening up about it. And Mitch Tepper has fun checking out the latest in adaptive sex toys.


Wheelchair User, Guitar Hero: ‘Portugal. The Man’

For those of you who like paras on guitar and periods in your band names, have we got the song for you. “Portugal. The Man” just won a Grammy for their hand-tapping, shoulder-shaking, endlessly addictive song “Feel It Still.” Guitarist Eric Howk happens to use a wheelchair and certainly knows how to rock a tune that just makes you want to move.


An Innovative Product that Measures Bladder Fullness

For Mike Brown, the question was always “to go or not to go,” with accidents and wasted catheters the result when he didn’t get it right — until he teamed up with a urologist and a tech developer to invent a wearable scanner that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and can tell you when you need to pee. It just won a New Zealand tech competition, and the team at Uri-Go hopes to get the device to the U.S. market in the next two years.


Artists and Writers Wanted

Creative Access is a unique fellowship that offers creative folk with SCI an extended stay to pursue artistic endeavors at one of four unique residency sites across the country. Mark Mathew Braunstein, who was awarded a fellowship last year, gives the details on what it’s like to be immersed in this “quest for inspiration and productivity,” and provides resources to help get there yourself.

Making Ultralights Even Lighter

Lighter can mean a big difference when it comes to something you’re propelling with your arms for years on end. Our tech guru, Mark E. Smith, shows how the latest in ultralight wheelchairs — the TiLite TR and the Quickie 7RS in particular — have used the process of making small improvements across multiple components to deliver chairs that are now weighing less than 18 pounds. Pretty impressive. Also featured are the latest suspension caster housings from Frog Legs, offering a lighter, more compact design.

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