Seth McBrideMy disability makes even mundane tasks more complicated than they otherwise would be. And I don’t have a surplus of money to buy every piece of adaptive equipment that might look handy. But I like to do things, and I suspect many of you can relate.

As a result, the list of gear that I’ve designed, made or modified over my 17 years using a wheelchair is long and constantly growing: gripping gloves, backpacks, under-chair bags, sports arm sleeves, a wheelchair carrying attachment for a handcycle, a quad-friendly handcycle pedal for my “good” hand, everyday chair sideguards, a portable commode chair light enough to be pedaled to the far side of the earth, a spray cooling system for my handcycle, a bar on which I can independently do pull-ups, an adaptive hammer, a sidecar capable of safely carrying my 6-month-old baby on a handcycle, and even a cross-country sit ski.