Modern Peach

Atlanta’s New Modern Peach Sculpture Welded by a Quad

Atlanta finally has it’s Georgia peach. A new sculpture called the “Modern Peach,” standing 28 feet tall and constructed with five tons of stainless steel, has been installed on Georgia World Congress Centre’s East Plaza. Every weld on the gigantic, gleaming form was completed by wheelchair user James Carnes of Dahlonega, Georgia.

Carnes, the owner of C & A Welding, has complete C6-7 quadriplegia, as a result of jumping off a pier in Mexico. Though he tried to resurrect his welding career following his accident, many clients past and present believed his disability meant he wasn’t up to the task. “Apparently at this point and time people would come to his shop, see that he was in a wheelchair and they would leave. They would not leave their work. They basically thought he was incapable of doing the job,” says Gregory Johnson, the artist and sculptor behind The Modern Peach.

But Johnson just saw Carnes’ talent. The two had worked