Drawn in by the Lens

David CorbinSince its inception, photography has had the ability to awaken the senses of those who become its most passionate fans, and you can include David Corbin, a C5-6 quadriplegic from Rochester, New York, as one of them.

After his injury in 1996, he went into a state of denial. “I was a passenger in a car that was hit by a bus on the New York State Thruway, and I held fast to a firm belief that my injury was temporary,” he says. “But nothing got better. There was no Rocky-like movie montage where I started getting better.”

Then one day about six weeks after his accident, his physical therapist took him aside and told him he’d never walk again. “That was the first time someone told me straight-up the full scoop on what happened to me.”

She told him he had a choice — deal with it and learn that he could still live a full and happy life — or he could give in. Corbin, now 41, decided to give his new life a shot. “I was an art major at college when my accident happened,” he says. But soon after that, he lost all interest in art, or almost. Then he found photography. “One day after constant nagging from my dad to try photography, I gave in and tried it. I was hooked and wanted to create again.”

He soon became a passionate fan of film photography. “I love black and white 4×5 film. The grain of the film is gorgeous and the process is very hands on.” He uses a 4×5 camera on a tripod and usually needs an assistant. “It’s a huge pain in my ass, but I love it.” Corbin’s work has been shown in galleries in the Rochester area and his current project on self portraits can be seen at his website: davidcorbinphotography.com.

A Wheelchair That Lifts

Rois Transfer ChairGetting in and out of one’s wheelchair is never an easy task, especially if you use a lift for transfers. But a wheelchair prototype from Spain, the Rois Transfer Chair, may change the lift industry as we know it.

Outfitted with a small incorporated crane mechanism, the chair allows a caregiver to transfer you from your wheelchair onto any surface, and the lift is hidden in the backrest. Those with increased hand dexterity could also use this wheelchair independently. A remote control is used to operate the lift.

This innovative chair is also nice for travel since you no longer need to bring a separate lift. You can use the Rois anywhere you may have dreamed of being transferred — the movie theater, onto a friend’s couch, even into a backyard chair. The Rois Transfer Chair is a project by students at Parque Científico UMH.

Follow its development: roismedical.com.

Rev-A-ShelfReach That Highest Cupboard of All

A full kitchen remodel is not necessary to reach all of the cupboards. Rev-A-Shelf, the makers of organization cupboard systems, offer a pull-down shelf to bring your cupboard to your level with the press of a button. You can purchase a Rev-a-Shelf pull-down shelving system on Amazon. Prices vary but often are under or around $300. Check it out for yourself by searching Amazon for Rev-Shelf-5PD-24CRN-Pull-Down-Shelving.