Remodeling Success
You can’t go wrong with tile [in the bathroom remodel], so that was a great investment. I’m so glad it turned out so well [“Finally, A Roll-In Shower,” July 2017].
Rebecca Edmonson Brown

About Pocket Doors
I tried pocket doors, high quality ones with solid core doors, and eventually took them out. They were good when open for not taking up space, but even when closed, had zero ability to stop sound transmission, which is not what the rest of your family wants on your bathroom door.
Jeff Eddy

Editor: The author, architect Charles Schwab, addresses this issue: “The pocket created can be an echo chamber. I specify the wall board around it to be built with fiber-reinforced Glass-Mat board that is cellulose free and more solid to block sound.”

There is a key omission from this discussion relevant to SCI — bladder cancer from long-term use of an indwelling catheter, and/or chronic inflammation from UTI and stones [“Important, But Often Overlooked Cancer Screenings,” ParaMedic, July 2017]. People who have used an indwelling catheter for 10 years or more should discuss screening for bladder cancer with their urologists, e.g., cystoscopy and/or urine cytology.

Bloody urine or pain/urgency that doesn’t resolve with culture-directed antibiotics would be very worrisome, and should prompt an additional clinic visit or urology referral ASAP. See here for technical details:
Edward Nieshoff

Editor: See NM’s coverage of bladder cancer in our August 2016 issue [“What You Need to Know About Bladder Cancer and SCI”].

Cancer Screenings
My mother, who was an elderly obese woman, had severe paresis from the multiple operations she had for arthritis in her lower back. She was not exa