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Eye-tracking Technology is About to Get a Whole Lot Cheaper

Ever heard of a functional eye-tracking device for $149? Neither had we. But thanks to a collaboration between Microsoft and Tobii, eye-tracking support will soon be available in Windows 10, and you’ll be able to have Tobii’s Eye Tracker 4c operate a PC keyboard and mouse with your eyes, effectively reducing the price of these invaluable systems by thousands of dollars.

It’s Nice that ‘Game of Thrones’ Finally Got Bran a Wheelchair

After seven seasons of being carried around like a sack of grain, Bran Stark finally got a wheelchair! For an on-point analysis of the biggest news in Westeros’ budding disability community, this hilarious piece is well worth a few minutes of your time.


Avocados to the Rescue

Did you know that Avocados come from the Aztec word for testicle? Count yourself informed. You might also want to know that avocados are packed with just the kind of nutrition that can fight some common chair-user health issues: They can help balance cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation and boost energy levels, among other benefits. Maybe you should get a pair.

An RV That Fits Your Needsaccessible RV
While buying an RV might seem like a major investment, accessibility features like a wheelchair lift, open and level floor plans, and a roll-in shower are readily available in the new and used RV marketplace. A little searching might be all it takes to find an adventure-mobile that fits you perfectly.

DIY Service Dog
For our man in Alberta, having a hat blow off his “follicly challenged” head while wheeling outside was a recipe for a rather unproductive afternoon trying to fish it back to his lap. That all changed when he figured out that with the right technique, even his family pup could be trained to help with tasks — like retrieving objects off the ground — that are normally reserved for service dogs.


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