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SCI Anniversaries – Marking the Day

To the outside world, it might seem like a strange thing, celebrating the anniversary of your paralysis. But for those with a spinal cord injury, commemorating your SCI can be an important way to acknowledge a profound life change and move forward. We share the ways that people celebrate this impactful day — from all-out parties to recounting memories with close friends and family, to simply reflecting on personal growth.


Could Uber’s NYC Fleet be 25 Percent Accessible by Year 2021?

If a new policy proposed by the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission goes into effect, 25 percent of Uber rides would be required to be dispatched in wheelchair accessible vehicles, whether or not the rider has a disability. Advocates are cautiously optimistic that this could help bring some accessibility to a ride-hailing industry that has been woefully lacking.

A Wheelchair That Won’t Let You Stand or Climb Stairs!

Shocking, we know. But with 3D printed parts and a lean-steer mechanism that has the potential to improve efficiency and maybe even make rolling a bit more fun, the innovative chair design in this one-minute video is worth checking out.


The Business of Managing Your PCAs

Between finances, payroll, vetting, hiring and firing, and maintaining good workplace communication, managing personal care attendants can be akin to running a small business. Some simple practices, like using Indeed.com to find new attendants, taking advantage of online resources to vet potential hires, and managing the fuzzy line between professionalism and friendship by putting the job first, can make managing attendants a smoother operation.


Be a Google Product Tester

Looking to do a little bit of good in the world, and have access to cutting-edge Google products before everyone else? Apply to be part of Google’s Accessibility Trusted Tester program. Be selected and you can test new products before they’ve been released, and give valuable feedback to help improve accessibility features for some of the world’s most used technology.

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