Anyone Can Benefit
Nice introduction to adaptive recreation [“Summer Outdoor Programs for All,” June 2016]. There is no excuse not to live an active lifestyle, and organizations like Bay Area Outreach and Recreation in the San Francisco Bay area, as well as others across the country, can do wonders at modifying their equipment to get almost anyone on a bike, boat or sled. The only downside is figuring out how you’re going to get that shit-eating grin off your face at the end of the day.
Eric Stampfli

Re-Experiencing Adventure
Wilderness Inquiry is a fantastic organization that provides exhilarating outdoor opportunities for persons of all abilities [“Summer Outdoor Programs for All,” June 2017]. Prior to my C5-6 injury, I backpacked through many mountains and paddled many rivers. When I learned of WI post-injury, I was excited but very doubtful that I was capable of participating in any wilderness activities. However, the many canoe trips I’ve taken with WI — in the Florida Everglades, Minnesota Boundary Waters, New York Adirondacks and on Maine rivers — have stimulated my pre-injury sense of adventure and allowed me to experience again the wonders of wilderness.
Ed Kopelson

Hybrid Body Cooling System
I’ve used a battery-powered body cooling system that police/military use in bomb disposal suits [“Temperature Control,” June 2017]. Paired with a cooling shirt used by race car drivers (not the type with the pressure prone tubing, but the ones with bladders on front and back instead) I have been able to be out in open summer sun in 90 degrees-plus weather for hours. Not a cheap bundle, but definitely worth it.
Chase Treadway

Choose the Right Boat
Our Grady White works great for me, even out on L