Exciting Fashion Movement
This article is so exciting for the newest movement in fashion … a new fashion conversation that fashion is for everybody. Keep this conversation trending [“Adaptive Clothing Shakes Up the Fashion World,” March 2017].
Sharae Moore Myers
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Promising, but Affordable?
As a quad for the last 34 years I’ve seen various adaptive clothing companies come with great promise and then disappear a few years later. Even though I’ve liked some of the designs and adaptations, I can’t afford the prices. My budget simply doesn’t allow spending $60 or more for a pair of pants or $50 for a shirt.
Matt Grillot
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It’s Coming
Our less expensive adaptive jean for Walmart.com re-order is in process, and will be re-stocked there in a few months. In the meantime, stay tuned for new styles and fabrics!
Stephanie Alves, Abl Denim, abldenim.com
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Operation Needed for Pain
My fiancé’s neuropathic pain is so constant and strong (over 15 years of his C5 incomplete injury) that none of the meds mentioned in the article have helped him [“The Pain That Never Stops,” March 2017]. For the past few years he’s been on methadone and fentanyl patches, but even with these not being enough to calm the pain, he will be getting a spinal cord stimulator surgery in three weeks. Let’s hope this works!
Paula Andrade
Chester, Virginia

Opioids Do Work
Thanks for the story on finding pain “cocktails” that work [“The Pain That Never Stops”]. I am