Seeing is Believing
Such a great article! — seeing the Paralympics through Seth McBride’s eyes and experiences.
Patricia Wolfe

Helpful New Mom Tip
Thank you for sharing. I’m a tetraplegic with a 5-month-old and was able to pick up some tips [“My First Baby: Tips and Tricks I Have Learned,” December 2016]. FYI, I just found a thing called a Lap Baby that helps me wheel around the house with my son securely on my lap and use both hands to push my chair. And it’s not a hassle to take on and off like other carriers. It’s like a big Velcro wrestling belt!
Melissa Pera

First Two Years Hardest
I didn’t become disabled until my kids were 3 and 5 years old, and although there are plenty of challenges in those ages and beyond, as a wheelchair-using Mama, I think the first couple of years would be the most difficult. Great tips!
Jennifer Loughrey

Sharing Siblings
This story is just beautiful [“The Ripple Effect — Siblings and Adaptation,” December 2016]. It speaks to what is most important in life — those who share their strength with each other to lift each other up and understand the downs. Ours is a lovely woven quilt of people who make us who we are, support our journeys, and just love. We hope our children will know the same love and support of each other that Cindy [author Cindy Ranii] and her siblings feel.
Kirsten Johnson Pekarek

Quad Tips Help
Thanks for the ideas [“5 ‘Quad Tricks’ for Managing a Day at Home Solo,” NM blog, December 22, 2016]. As my C5-7, three years post-accident husband’s only caregiver, I am always looking for little tricks/ideas to help him become more independent. He is just now coming “back to life” and starting to do things on his own. The light idea is great. I also thought of an extension cord with a big button on it like the ones used for cutting a Christmas tree on for lights and such. And the house swapping idea really sounds g