Once a Filmmaker, Always a Filmmaker

Murray SipleAs a filmmaker, Murray Siple’s first love was documentaries. “Before the accident I went to art school and was making skateboard and snowboard films internationally,” says Siple, a 46-year-old C6-7 quad from Canada. A resident of Vancouver, B.C., he has always found inspiration in his environment. After his injury, he made a documentary about homeless men living near his house called Carts of Darkness.

But his injury definitely forced him to modify his directorial style. Injured in a car accident when he was 26 years old, he subsequently became paralyzed as a result of a doctor’s mistake. “The doctor misread the x-ray and missed my broken neck,” he says. “When the collar was removed, my neck broke more and caused permanent paralysis.” He now has a film crew that he brings with him in his van. “I create a script and return with the crew and