Tammy is Deserving
My friend Dan Bauer feels this piece in NM about Congressperson Duckworth was very informative

[“Tammy Duckworth: Our Champion in Congress,” October 2016]. His recommendation: Ms. Duckworth deserves the honor of being named NEW MOBILITY’s Person of the Year.
Patricia Hendren (for Dan Bauer)
Louisville, Kentucky

Chill Mitchell
I was there the night he had his accident, I called 911, I got down on the ground and tried to comfort him [“Actor Chill Mitchell Conquers Hollywood,” September 2016]. I made the police know who he was and saw them perk up when I said he was an actor on The John Larroquette Show. His grandmother and my dad were cousins. I am so happy to see how he has not allowed what happened to handicap him.
Patricia Aiken Nelson
via newmobilility.com

Chill’s Attitude
“No time for crying. I can do that Later.” Love it [“Actor Chill…”].
Kareema Lee Marie
via newmobility.com

Rx for Diabetes
Unless induced by chronic steroid use, type 2 diabetes is generally thought to be caused by the inability of the pancreas to make sufficient insulin to regulate glucose metabolism when insulin resistance is pre