Ride Sharing Comes, Taxis Leave
In Corpus Christi the local taxi company had WAVs, but when Uber and Lyft started here, the taxi company decided to stop offering the service

[“Uber: Does the Transportation Revolution Include Us?” May 2016]. They claimed that the competition from the ride sharing forced them to cut costs. After the city passed a law requiring a fingerprint check, the ride sharing companies left town. The city’s bus service for wheelchair users is unreliable. So now there is no transportation for wheelchair users. I am restricted to going only as far as I can in my power wheelchair, about one mile.
John Ralph
via newmobility.com

Cool OpenTaxi App
In Chicago, they have the OpenTaxi app, which allows you to arrange for a wheelchair accessible taxi through your iPhone and see the cab on a map as it approaches your location. Pretty cool.
John Hauschildt
via newmobility.com

Hand-Control Rentals Denied
Two years ago we attempted to rent an accessible van with hand controls from MobilityWorks, which had bought out Nor-Cal Mobility, where we had previously rented accessible vans on more than one occasion [“Where Have All the Rental Vans Gone?” Bully Pulpit, May 2016]. We were told that they did not have any rental vans with hand controls available. When we inquired further, they insisted that du