Allen RuckerPresident Trump. How do you like the sound of that? Future News Flash: “Today President Trump described German Chancellor Angela Merkel as old, fat, and ‘someone should do something about that mustache!’ At the same time, he lauded North Korean despot Kim Jong Un as ‘someone he could work with’ because ‘hey, he’s a winner and I like my winners with bowl haircuts.’”

Couldn’t possibly happen, right? Not a chance in Hades that such a shoot-from-the-hip, trash-talking zillionaire could really be president? Well, think again. Do not sell The Donald short. There is apparently a deep, national vein of anger and disgust for anyone Trump decides to pick on. He seems to be able to channel America’s 3 a.m., f-you, Charlie, psyche. No more patina of niceness toward anyone who is not white, mad as hell, and most likely, in the parlance, a “low-information voter.” Mark my words: In a Trump presidency, it will be open season on gimps.

First of all, to Trump, gimps are funny. They walk funny, talk funny, and don’t know how to wear nice clothes. Everyone knows by now how Trump, in describing disabled New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski, waved his arms like an AirDancer in front of Subway. Big laugh. Or how he nailed wheelchair-using columnist Charles Krauthammer by calling him a loser “who just sits there.” Booyah! “Take that, little man who dared to call me a rodeo clown. That’s why I called my new book Crippled America. The whole country is full of lame crybabies just like you!”

The thing about Trump’s unvarnished attacks on the disabled, not unlike his attacks on Megyn Kelly or John McCain or every person on earth with brown skin, is that no one not being insulted seems to care that much! Television and newspapers can