Kiesha-MRecording Progress and Positivity
A wayward moose on a late-night Alberta, Canada, road in November 2013 may have been the cause of Kiesha Mastrodimos’ C6-7 quadriplegia, but where she has taken her life since then is a much more worthy story. Despite being only 17 at the time, she embarked on her journey fearlessly and continues to persevere.

“My accident happened when I was in my senior year of high school,” she says. “Afterward, I did all my schoolwork in the hospital so I could graduate with my friends and receive my diploma. I also taught myself how to use a computer and write again.” Most recently, Mastrodimos has been accepted into college and has her eyes on a journalism degree.

But academics weren’t the only area she put impressive effort into post-injury. She also worked her butt off in therapy and wanted to share her progress with family and friends; hence, the birth of her YouTube channel as well as “Kiesha’s Road to Recovery,” a Facebook group that spreads the word.

“I started making videos because when I was in the accident that’s how my mom and I found other people, and it gave us motivation to keep striving, so I hope to do the same,” she says. So far she has made nearly 50 videos sharing her struggles and joys