Wheelchair users almost blew up the Internet last week when news of the rebirth of the stair-climbing iBot broke, and now there is an update on another cool-looking stair-climbing chair, the Scalevo. You may remember the Scalevo from mid-2015, as it probably popped up in one of your social media feeds or a blog you frequent.

Balancing on two big wheels, much like a modded-Segway, the Scalevo’s big trick is a drop down track that looks like a chainsaw blade and allows the chair to ascend and descend stairs. I posted about the chair’s internet debut last year. Here is the launch video from last May.

Last week I got an email from one of the Scalevo’s designers asking if I could help get the word out about a Google survey the Zurich-based design team has created to help direct them as they fine tune the second prototype. The designer said the team is shooting for a mid-2018 launch and is really counting on feedback from potential users about what features and strengths they want the eventual chair to have.

You can find the survey online right here. It only takes a few minutes, and who knows, maybe you’ll help refine what ends up being your future chair?

For more about Scalevo, visit the official website: scalevo.ch