Spotlight: Portland

My Take
After 18 years living here as a wheelchair user, I’ve adapted to the gray, overcast weather and I’ve learned to appreciate the “sun breaks” (as our weather forecasters so proudly call the respites of sun). I am not alone. The Portland metropolitan area has a good-sized wheelchair-using community — people who tolerate the drizzle and gray in return for the accessible bounty offered by one of our country’s lushest regions.
If you are worried about washing away in a deluge, know that Portland averages 43.5 inches of rain per year. That is less than New York (49.9), Boston (43.8) and Atlanta (49.7) and on par with places not associated with rain, like Cincinnati (41.9) and Washington, D.C. (39.7). That said, Portland has the third-most rainy days of any big city in the nation (164), trailing only Buffalo and Rochester, N