Best Wishes
Happy for all the couples

[“Weddings and Wheels,” February 2016]. Wishing them a lifetime of love.
Jonnie Finley

How Can I Get on Trials?[Re. “Epi-Stim Opens Up Pleasure Pathways for Paras and Quads,” February 2016:] I’m a T8 complete and have been for only a year and a half. I’m a 40-year-old single dad who lost my insurance after my accident. State insurance wouldn’t pay for a wheelchair let alone this procedure [epi-stim] — or physical therapy for that matter. How can I get on a list for this or any procedure?
Kurt Lutz

The author responds: As I write this, implanting epidural stimulators at the level of SCI is in very early stages of clinical trials. Only a few people have received these implants, which are being done via the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation to Cure Paralysis’ “The Big Idea” project. The next goal is to implant devices into 36 more people, analyze and publish the results, and go from there. If you are interested in becoming a participant, you can sign up and get on a list of potential volunteers by going to, scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking the red button on the left that says “Participate in Research.”

Best of luck, and please keep us posted if you are able to receive an epi-stim implant.