ErvinIt seems that some stupid new proposed Medicare reimbursement rule changes regarding prosthetic devices have a lot of amputees up in arms (or at least those amputees who have arms).

One of the stupidest things the new rules would do is require amputees to prove that they can walk with a “natural gait” using an artificial limb before the limb would be covered by Medicare, according to the pissed-off amputees. They also say Medicare would no longer pay for prosthetics for amputees who sometimes use other mobility devices like a wheelchair, crutches or canes. The proposed changes were issued five days after the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. What a bunch of party poops those Medicare bigwigs are!

I can relate to the stress my limb-challenged cripple comrades feel about all this. Wheelchair cripples have often had to deal with this same Medicare crap. Why, even as we speak, some folks are raising a stink about a new Medicare policy they say will significantly reduce what Medicare pays for customized wheelchair stuff like cushions, recline/tilt systems and drive controls.

So I feel bad for the amputees, but still they’re pretty lucky. At least there’s light at the end of the political tunnel for them. I’m talking about 3-D printers. People make all kinds of crazy stuff with those things these days, including limbs. I see where a fathe