Dutch Paraplegic Fighting for a Cure
Growing up in Northeast France, then moving to the Netherlands as an adult, Corinne Jeanmarie relished her nondisabled life. In her early 30s, she was living in Java, Indonesia, and working as a purchasing manager, a career full of travel and meeting new people every day.

Corinne-JeanmarieAt 47, while taking a cab with a friend, the car veered off the road, and Jeanmarie was ejected from the car. “I woke up on the side of the highway, being hardly able to breathe and not feeling anything below my waist,” she says. Following the accident, as a T10-12 paraplegic, she was forced back to Amsterdam — something that broke her heart. “My accident didn’t just mean losing my body, it meant losing a job that I loved. It meant losing Indonesia, the country that I loved living in. It meant losing people that I loved.”

After her injury, she went into a deep depression, but like so many before her, she sincerely believed she could walk again if she worked hard enough. “But I didn’t,” she says, “in spite of getting a seco