More on National Parks!
I thoroughly enjoyed Ashley Lyn Olson’s cover story about accessible national parks

[October 2015]. I hope there will be many more park reviews to come from her pen.

Way back in 1981 my husband and I took our kids on vacation to Carlsbad Caverns. I took the elevator to meet them in the Great Room. While I was waiting for their tour to show up, I wheeled down a slick narrow path toward the sign for an accessible bathroom. The path followed the abrupt bends of the cave wall. You couldn’t see who was coming around the next curve until you were face to face. The path was so narrow that it was even hard for walking people to pass each other. Before I could see them, I heard two ladies’ voices amplified by the cave’s natural acoustics. One voice said, “Can you believe that! A wheelchair stall in that restroom. Why in the world would they put a wheelchair stall down in a cave?” Just as they emerged from the sharp bend, the other voice replied. “Stupid, isn’t it! What a waste of taxpayer mon …” The rest of her sentence was stifled by the horrified look on her face as she nearly fell into my lap.
Sharon Gardner
Leander, Texas

Antibiotic Prophylaxis
As a 53-year-old C6-7 post-SCI of 27 years, I found the September article on prophylactic antibiotic use most timely. Until recently, I had managed to avoid major foot