Kary-WrightsqI grin as the wind blows through my hair (OK, between the two of them). The smell of freshly-mown lawn permeates my nostrils, and the satisfying roar of the powerful V-twin engine rumbles. Cruising on a Harley? Nope, mowing the lawn. It all started when my wife tried our new mower.

“I think you can drive this thing,” says Teryll, as she pulls up smiling, not showing all the cards in her hand, methinks.

“Do you think so?” I’m a bit skeptical. History has taught (or at least presented several first-class opportunities to learn), that new endeavors do come with some risk and Murphy and his law is always available to lend a helping hand.

“It is really easy, and the controls are not touchy, I think you can handle it. Let’s get the lift and give it a whirl!” she says a little too enthusiastically, as if her love affair with lawn mowing is really over.