bandi-beltMy newest accessory obsession is the Bandi classic pocket belt. Originally designed to be used while exercising, it is made of extremely comfortable stretchy material with a huge pocket for a cell phone, key, cash or any other small and relatively flat item. It’s like a chic fanny pack.

Here is why it’s a wheelchair user’s dream: it’s comfortable, lightweight and gives you a place to safely secure your necessities. I have a cup holder on my wheelchair where I usually stow my phone as well as other miscellaneous items like pens, keys, ID, etc. But when I need it to actually hold a drink, I have nowhere for my phone. I could put it in the backpack, which hangs on the back of my chair, but, I don’t use that around my house and I’m the type of person who needs constant immediate access to my phone. (I’m also the type of person who shot their hearing by years of listening to Metallica way too loud, despite my mom’s constant warnings that I’d lose my hearing. Whoops!) Putting my phone in the backpack just isn’t ideal. Sometimes I stick it under my legs, but that looks weird. And that’d be the one time my phone would accidentally take a picture on it’s own accord!

The Bandi belt is the perfect solution for this dilemma. It’s stretchy and comfortable, so it doesn’t irritate me if I have it on for hours. The clasp is one big button with a seatbelt-esque clicky part, so it’s fairly manageable for people with limited upper extremity control. They come in all sorts of colors, which is great for a person who wants selection. I chose the flashiest, brightest colors because, as I’ve said before, I’m not afraid of color and pattern. I haven’t bedazzled it yet, but that will likely happen soon! The sleek design fits nicely under or over your clothing, depending on whether you want it to be obvious or not. So far I haven’t found anything that I don’t like about the Bandi classic pocket belt.

The company makes a headband that I recently ordered but haven’t gotten yet. I’m thinking about using it as a garter on my leg to secure my phone and see how that works. I’ll report back with an update.