20statesIf you’re already planning that big road trip for next summer, or simply trying to decide where to take your next trip in the U.S., I highly recommend downloading a free copy of “20 States on Wheels,” a new accessible travel guide assembled by four college-age friends. I wrote about the epic road trip behind the new guide in our July issue and now you can see the final product of that trip – a beautiful, thorough and easy-to-use guide covering 15 cities and five national parks.

There are a number of good accessible travel guides to the U.S., but “20 States on Wheels” is definitely a worthy addition to the canon. Each of the 20 chapters focuses on one city or national park and details everything from tourist attractions, to weather, to accessible taxi and van rental information. The book even lists the number of accessible hotel rooms and accessible shower and parking options of a number of hotels in each city. Transit maps, contact info and well-written blurbs on many must-see items will be invaluable for anyone trying to plan a trip to one of the destinations the four friends visited. Kunho Kim, one of the four, is a paraplegic and offers insights throughout on predictable and unforeseen access obstacles.

On top of all that, it is fun to follow the group’s cross-country adventure in the short essays that begin each chapter. Great pictures (and lots of them) and an easy to rea