To Velcro or Not to Velcro
The author mentioned that paragliders Velcro their ankles to the instructor

[“Adaptive Outdoor Adventure Sports,” Aug. 2015]. That’s not the case in the photo. I’ve paraglided in two countries and they didn’t Velcro my ankles to the instructor as he wouldn’t be able to walk during take-off. Readers should also know novelty activities, including parasailing and bungee jumping, are very safe intro activities to adventure sports.
Gene Rodgers

Author: You make a good point about the paragliding passenger in the photo — he did not use Velcro on his ankles. I imagine it depends on the type of harness and the flying conditions. My point is those of us with spinal cord injuries need to protect our legs because so many of us have osteoporosis within 10 years after injury and our leg bones break easily. — Bob Vogel

I had the great fortune of coming into contact with WHILL and its designers in their early days [“WHILL It or Whon’t It,” August 2015]. It was fun to give feedback from my end-user’s perspective as a C5-6 quad and have the designers actually listen and use the information. From its beginnings to now and into the future, WHILL, I trust, will continue expanding its footprint in the marketplace.
Molly Saccho Hale