Mark E. SmithAfter 40 years of innovation in the ultralight wheelchair market, just when you think you’ve seen it all — BAM! — something new comes along. When the changes are really good, we say to ourselves, “I’ve needed that for years!” And, I’ve found some new products that might have you saying just that.

Frog Shield: Stop the Rat’s Nest
Have you ever looked at your caster axles — that space between the caster and the fork — and seen the rat’s nest of tangled, fur-like material intertwined with your caster bearings? Carpet fiber, pet and human hair, thread and more has an uncanny way of winding itself around your casters’ axles. It not only creates an unsightly clump of yuck, it also works its way into your bearings, first creating drag, and eventually destroying them. For years, many of us have struggled with tweezers or having to disassemble our cast