To the Mother Who Aborted Her Baby Who Had Spina Bifida – Like Me

Laurita Tellado
Laurita Tellado is a 28-year-old woman who has spina bifida and blogs about her fantastic life, work she enjoys and a community she loves. When she was contacted by a woman who aborted her fetus because it had spina bifida, her first reaction was shock, then outrage, then sadness … and finally, remarkably, grace.

Recently I received an email from a mom who contacted me for advice. She was pregnant, her fetus had spina bifida, and at the recommendation of her doctor, she chose to abort. In addition, she wanted my advice on how not to have another baby with spina bifida. Having spina bifida myself, I felt the entire gamut of negative emotions upon opening and reading that email — anger, sadness, judgment toward her and an overall sense of melancholy that pervaded my mood for several days.

In an attempt to sort out my thoughts, I took to the only place I felt I could safely share my heart — my blog, Holdin’ Out for a Hero, where I published a letter to the mother that I did not send.

The backlash