HelpSo in my August 18 blog, “3 Responses to ‘Do I Need Help,” I talked about how to react if somebody just randomly offers help. But what about when you actually do need a hand … and the only people around are strangers? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat around the auto-opener-less front door of a business, wanting to get in, and racking my brain about how to ask some random person walking by to open the thing. The same happens for grabbing a book from my bag at a café — or worse yet, when I need my whole laptop-headset-power cable concoction and a hand putting everything together. Asking a stranger for help and walking them through it can be tough, but there are a few starters to make it run smoothly and turn up just fine. So here we go, asking for help 101:

1. Change Your Perspective

Alright, so you’re staring at that door, sans auto-opener, knowing that you can’t get in on your own — and you’ll have to ask for help from some stranger. That help doesn’t feel like a favor, it feels like a bother. But take a step back: if a door opener was indeed there, would it be a bother? No, it’d represent full accessibility. So would always-available personal attendants, or staff’s assistance