The minute I heard about YouTube in 2006 I jumped on board as a creator and started uploading videos. The first videos I uploaded were of my Dalmatian, Galloway. I filmed as my husband poured dog kibble out of a 40-pound bag like a waterfall and Galloway gulped as much food as he could while choking and spitting it onto the floor to eat later. The videos are a hilarious visual memory of our beloved dog.

In 2007, I created a new channel where I post crafting tutorials, haul videos and the occasional lifestyle “vlog” (video-blog). It’s hard to believe that I’ve since uploaded 800 videos with over 1.2 million views and 6,100 subscribers to my channel. While it may seem daunting at first, filming and posting on YouTube is easy to learn and fun.

How to YouTube
YouTube offers something for everyone, touting 7 billion hours of video posted each month. I’ve made many purchase decisions — including my latest power chair — by viewing reviews and actual user tests. I’ve learned how to install a microwave door, figured out what caused a grinding noise in our Jeep, and learned how to make homemade soap.

A free alternative to cable, YouTube offers popular television show series, full-length movies and music concerts that even Netflix and other video services can’t offer. As a free subscriber, you can make playlists of favorite subjects or channels, or as a creator, become one of its many rising stars (comedian Zach Anner gained worldwide atte