Tim GilmerAugust. Time to go into the wild. Test your courage. But if you’re like me, you may be inclined to decline. I’m a certified stay-indoors wimp. People think my bald spot is due to age. Truth is, it’s a terminal case of “recliner cap.” But in the spirit of this issue, I’ve decided to take you on a tour of my Five Most Daring and Stupid Courageous Stunts.

Head Planting
I used to serve on the board of SOAR — Shared Outdoor Adventure Recreation. On a monoskiing excursion, I drove four of us — all disabled — up a mountain. At 4,000 feet we encountered icy roads and falling snow — “Chains Required.” I had never put chains on, and as a card-carrying para and wimp, I wanted someone else to do it. Peter, who had CP, couldn’t hold his hands still enough. Max, the quad, had a better excuse than I did. That left José, the blind guy. Don’t laugh. He was the mechanical wizard of the group. Houdini with hands. He worked his magic and we drove on. Then came the challenging part: I also had zero experience skiing. My best events were Ski Lift Wipeout, Shoulder Jamming and Extreme