Clarifying the Issue
Clean, clear copy on the most relevant debate today for people with disabilities!

[“The Crisis in Home Care,” June 2015]. I’ve been saying all along that my ADAPT peeps got this one wrong.

Michigan’s legislature deemed it unlawful for our workers to not get overtime if they worked 40-plus hours way back in 2006! In our case, ADAPT is right that agencies have responded by capping hours at 40. I’m sure that’s what will happen everywhere if all the agencies involved don’t come together to raise the pot soon. This has undoubtedly necessitated the unwanted reconfiguration of some care plans and, to be honest, I’m sure some workers were unable to remain in the profession due to the cap. But those who really felt strongly that being a PCA was their calling — and teams of clients and aides who refused to be broken up — have found a way to work it out and remain together.

My aide works 49 hours for me, directly through Self Determination for 40 hours (at a higher rate than the agency pays), and through an agency for an additional nine hours. Another alternative, albeit inconvenient, is to have the aide work for two agencies. ADAPT got it wrong saying the sky