Regan Shines
What an incredible article about a very, very talented actor

[“The Transformation of Regan,” May 2015]. I’ve taught and directed actors with disabilities for decades. Regan Linton is, by far, gifted with the most talent I’ve ever encountered. I came across her at a SAG/AFTRA meeting where her personality brightened the room. If there is any justice at all in “the biz,” I’m convinced she will have an extremely successful career.
John Mahon

Blown Away
I was blown away by Regan Linton’s performance as Aldonza in Man of La Mancha. Hers was head and shoulders above Mary Elizabeth Mastrontonio’s that I saw on Broadway. I am so happy to hear she is at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Best of luck to her in her career!
Eric Rivedal

When Help is Not
Don’t you love it when people push the door open for you but stand outside the door so you have to navigate around their feet [“Help!” May 2015]. Nine times out of 10, their opening the accessible door for you makes it more difficult than if you did it yourself. I just say “thanks,” but I wish I had more backbone to say, “This is an automatic door and you are making it more difficult for me to enter!”
Bob Drinan
University of Chicago

More “Help”
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