Cheryl PriceComing Full Circle
One look at Cheryl Price’s life and you may forget she uses a wheelchair. This is a hallmark of her life, one her family instilled in her from the very beginning when she was injured at birth and premature by three months.

“My family’s determination and unwavering belief in my survival are major factors for what got me through a very uncertain couple of years,” she says. Price, 38, was born with a C8-T1 injury in the 1970s, a time when such serious spinal cord injuries in babies did not seem survivable.

But she not only survived, she thrived, and because she lived her childhood with a disability, she was able to transition seamlessly into life as a disabled adult. “I was raised to be as independent as possible, which I believe helped me with my confidence as I matured.”

Originally from Stamford, Conn., she decided to attend the University of Miami to study editing and wr