Missing the ‘Old Days’
I have been a guest at Disneyland for many years and have experienced the changes firsthand as an incomplete C5-6 quadriplegic

[“Disney Universe: “Changing But Still Magical,” March 2015]. I use a manual chair for mobility and really miss the days of fast access. I used to be able to access rides almost immediately. This saved a lot of wear and tear on my body. However, I do understand the need for change. So many people without significant or even real disabilities have abused the system.

Disney has the technology to provide people with disabilities an amazing experience. Its parks are top-notch in terms of accessibility, but some more education about secondary conditions would help make sure people with “real” disabilities get the type of Access Pass that meets their individual needs.
Robert Rohan
Fountain Valley, California

Grumpy Princess
Before I sound like a stand-in for Grumpy, let me state that the princess in me wanted the California Yearly Pass as badly as Ariel wanted her prince [“