TIFFaviliabagThe Alivia Bag by Wildflower NYC is one of the classiest, most well-designed bags yet to be made for a wheelchair user, and after being given a sample to try out, I’m sold. The contemporary design of the bag shows Wildflower NYC knows we want to look good, and the company is catering to our desire for more fashion choices. Here are some of its features:

  • It is a beautiful black and white leather tote with a perfectly-sized strap for wheelchair users who want to hang it across their chest.
  • Also, the bag’s handles fit over wheelchair handles perfectly, which makes it easy to get it on and off independently even if you are a lower level quadriplegic.
  • The inside of the bag has a bright pink lining, as well as pockets and hidden zippers with ring pulls that reveal more storage places than you ever thought possible. I love this.
  • Although I  keep my med stuff in a separate bag because I’m a germophobe, the pockets would be great for hiding any kind of medical supplies like catheters, lube or pills for sure.
  • The back of the bag has a place to store your phone, and I especially like the additional insert made for safely storing a notebook. It’s compact yet easy to open.
  • There is even a water bottle holder.

I feel pretty cool toting this bag around, and love the side bling/chrome plate with the logo. Such an awesome look. And I’m just thrilled Wildflower NYC is targeting our demographic. Beautiful bags made for wheelchair-users … how can you go wrong?

If this bag is something you’d be interested in, Wildflower NYC is offering a 20 percent discount to all those ordering an Alivia bag for the first time. Definitely a solid deal, especially since the purse costs $110.

And remember, if you hang your bag off the back, always keep your eyes on it when out in public. Just a little wheelchair safety 101. It’s better to keep your bag on your lap to be 100 percent safe. A sexy bag like this is sure to grab some attention.