You, too, could have zebra stripes decorating your bright purple ride!

You, too, could have zebra stripes decorating your bright purple ride!

Ever since I first saw the chromed bling on Colours manual wheelchairs, I have been in love with the idea of pimping out a wheelchair. Making a wheelchair look cooler just makes sense. A few companies have made certain accessories, but now a new company is doing the entire chair, and they are aptly called Pimp Your Chair.

While they’re not putting chrome pieces on power wheelchairs like I’ve always dreamed, they do provide an entire collection of customized upholstery for wheelchairs. Back rests, seat slings and cushions, bags, guards, straps, accessories like a mobile phone holder or a key ring strap and full-on entire wheelchair coverings premade for specific wheelchairs.

For example, if you would like to have Pimp Your Chair create you a customized backrest, they have various versions depending on your style of backrest, from a single tube fixed back rest to an adjustable backrest. They also offer various fabrics other than PVC. Leather detailing is available.

They also make reasonably priced cushion covers (for your seat) so your chair has a complete a cohesive look. Any color under the sun is available and the highest price you’ll find is around $65 — not too shabby for a cushion cover, especially when it’s customized.

Tapered wheelchair cushion covers are also available. And when it comes to wheelchair cushions, especially customized ones, tapered wheelchair cushion covers are popular. The prospect of being able to truly get a cover replacement in any color you want is pretty cool.

Also, if you’re interested in complete set of coverings for a manual wheelchair, that will cost you from $500 – $1,000, which isn’t bad considering your entire chair gets a makeover. It’s like a slip cover for your wheelchair and it’s a fabulous idea.

Now all of these products are made in the UK, but don’t let that stop you from ordering from the US. They offer a slick online ordering system.