Wheel ComfortThe new Wheel Comfort padded foot rest strikes me as the intersection of two of my favorite innovation-related maxims: “necessity is the mother of invention” and “Keep It Simple Stupid.” There’s a reason everyone says those two things and it’s because they ring true. The Wheel Comfort is a simple solution to the problem of wheeling around in a manual chair with bare feet.

If you’ve done it with one of today’s lightweight or ultra-light chairs, you know how easily your feet can slip off and how easy it is to get injured. That’s not even considering the increased risk of drop foot. Wheel Comfort designer Ethan Ruby’s solution is a durable foam pad with rounded edges, shaped to fit on the footplate of a manual wheelchair. You strap it on with Velcro, and then, voila!, you have a safe and comfortable place for your feet. It’s only $52 for a small, $58 for large or $65 for split foot rests. You can find out more at www.wheelc