Jason RoyZero to a Hundred
Jason Roy, an incomplete C5 quad, has lived a life full of parallels. A former city of Houston police officer paralyzed in a car chase in 2011, he has seen both sides of life — with and without a spinal cord injury. And he’s seen what it’s like to recover from an SCI as well.

“Anytime you lose something precious and get it back is a great feeling,” says Roy, “but to know that there are so many other people with SCI that will never regain mobility is disheartening.” Now 36, Roy is one of those rare and fortunate individuals who has fully recovered from his injury, and this is exactly why he founded the Zero 2 A Hundred Foundation this year.

“The foundation is focused on improving the quality of life of those with spinal cord injuries,” he explains. His organization is also committed to providing fina