Mobility-Trax-SandBlaze your own Trax

Last May we took an in-depth look at the emerging field of track chairs. If you missed it, or have no idea what a track chair is, think wheelchair meets tank: big, powerful chairs, usually with treads to help you conquer the most unforgiving terrain. Based on the responses we got and the number of times I’ve seen people share cool pictures of the behemoth chairs online, it seems pretty clear that people dig them.

In light of that, I want to add another — perhaps more practical — option: the Freedom Trax electric wheelchair track system. Unlike the track chairs we covered in May, Freedom Trax isn’t a chair, it’s an add-on that the company claims will attach to most manual chairs to turn them into mini-track chairs. As an attachment, the Freedom Trax can fit in a trunk or car and is much easier to transport than the larger track chairs. The company video shows users rolling on sand, snow and gravel — all notorious wheelchair obstacles. The device is $4,995 on the company’s website.

Red Tomahawk webLaunch a Rocket Off-Road

If you’re looking for something more substantial to handle the outdoors, you may want to check out the Tomahawk. Made by Nebraska-based Rocket Mobility, the Tomahawk showed up on the track chair market after our May article. Weighing 420 lbs. with treads that would make a tank proud, the Tomahawk looks the part of badass-outdoor-vehicle — somewhere between power chair, riding lawnmower and tank. It has a footpan that can flip up or down, a roll bar and a unique joystick. Starting at just under $9,900, the Tomahawk is on the low end of the spectrum when it comes to the often pricey track chairs. Find out more at