NewYearsEve1I’ve never really been a New Year’s resolution type of person. I wouldn’t be able to follow through with it anyways I figure, so why bother. I never do. But I do like to look back on my year just like the news, with all of the most noteworthy news clips from the year strewn together like an epic tale.

And 2014 was quite the year for this world we live in. Many important things happened this year, and one of the most important for the disability world — the news that came out of Poland where a man with a complete spinal cord injury was cured for the first time ever. I waited 21 years for this kind of news, and it finally happened.

While I am not the one in the news walking with a smile on her face, to be alive to hear such news is huge. I always dreamed of such a thing would happen, and while there are some questions still lingering about this miracle cure, it seems like it’s the real deal. Now if only doctors could work together to bring this cure to the masses. I really don’t feel like waiting around for another 21 years.

And then you have the great news regarding exoskeletons, in particular ReWalk.