For each product category in the Consumer Guide, we’ve collected a handful of items that appeared in NM in 2014. In some cases the original article is longer, so we’ve provided the link, in case you’d like to look up more information:

Lasher All-Terrain Handcycle
(February, Innovations)
Lasher 2013 modelLasher Sport is taking handcycling off the paved path with its ATH (all-terrain handcycle). A brainchild of Lasher Sport owner and wheelchair user, Bill Lasher, the Lasher ATH started as a one-off experiment, so that Lasher could mountain bike with his buddies. The design worked so well that after refinement, Lasher put it into his product line (a custom wheelchair company) and the Lasher ATH has been turning heads ever since. With a frame formed of ovalized magnesium, the body is both ultralight and ultra-strong, with a complete cycle weighing in around 40 pounds. The crank set is a Shimano SLX, with gearing that allows from long climbs to high-speed runs on the flats. Add to those features an array of mountain bike wheel options, and you have a ride that’s ready for the rough stuff, including 6 inches of ground clearance. Now, don’t be fooled by the Lasher ATH’s off-road emphasis. For those living in a concrete jungle, the Lasher ATH smooths rough roads and is quite a capable curb climber. Notable options include a winter wheel set for riding on snow-packed trails; light package; fenders; hydration system; and cargo bags. The Lasher ATH is custom built, so its $4,995 price tag isn’t cheap. However, the Lasher ATH will get you to a path less traveled — and that’s hard to put a price on.

The Sand Rider
(April, NSCIA: Members In Action)
Sand RiderThe Sand Rider is a sleek, three-wheeled beach chair with a lightweight aluminum frame that makes it easy to push or pull and disassemble. The chair has no problems with all types of sand, snow and swamp-like conditions.

Designer Bill Fertig, an avid beachgoer and a para, had tried out multiple beach wheelchairs with no satisfaction. Whether too heavy, too ugly, too hard to push or too unwieldy, the chairs simply didn’t fit Fertig’s needs. “My son-in-law, who is 6-foot-3, 200 pounds, it just about killed him pushing me in a beach chair two blocks along the hard pack, over the heavy rutted sand and onto the beach,” recalls Fertig. “He was sweating bullets.”

The Sand Rider solves those problems with a lightweight frame and low-pressure polyurethane tires that won’t sink into sand or deflate easily. The chair only weighs 49 lbs. and easily disassembles for transport.

4-C.O.R.E.-GalileoGalileo Training
(April, SCI Life)
Interested in managing spasticity, building up muscle function and increasing bone density? Watch out, SCI survivors, you’re about to add a new approach to rehab to your “must try” list —Galileo Training.

StimDesigns brings you this brand new way of looking at neuromuscular recovery and neural communication. Galileo Training puts muscles through thousands of contractions in a matter of minutes. The seesaw motion pattern simulates the muscles used in the natural human gait, causing a tilting movement of the pelvis, similar to walking but at a more rapid pace. Muscles in the legs and all the way up to the trunk are targeted and trained for health and preparation for walking.

Galileo systems are built into a full line of platforms for standing, tilt-tables, chairs for sitting, and dumbbells for hand, arm and shoulder activity. Now this is a true full body workout!

The Ultimate Wheelchair Home Gym
(June, SCI Life)
Wheelchair-Fitness-SolutionOver the years there have been several universal gyms created for wheelchair users. While some were definitely better than others, there has been nothing like the Wheelchair Fitness Solution — a training system designed exclusively for wheelchair users that offers 30 different exercises.

Featuring a central stackable weight unit, various extensions for training your upper body, as well as a harness that helps you achieve maximum resistance, this training system can replace most free-weight sessions. It also offers much more than just free weights; resistance training is possible.

The Wheelchair Fitness Solution includes additional features like a pulley system, a punching bag, hand-pedaling, parallel bars, chin-up bar and quick release harness clips for transitioning between exercises. Your arms, shoulders, chest, back and abdomen can also get a traditional workout on this machine. With so many exercise possibilities, you may be able to cancel that gym membership.