For each product category in the Consumer Guide, we’ve collected a handful of items that appeared in NM in 2014. In some cases the original article is longer, so we’ve provided the link, in case you’d like to look up more information:

Chairiot Solo
(June, Accessible Electric Cars: Soon?)
ChairiotThe Chairiot solo is the first (and possibly only) of the single person electric vehicles customized for wheelchair users to actually hit the market. With a rear entry hatch and ramp that allows manual wheelchair users to roll right in, the Chairiot solo might be the answer for people looking for an easy, efficient way to cover longer distances without purchasing a car or accessible van. The Chairiot solo charges on a standard outlet and can go up to 50 miles on a full charge at speeds of 25 mph (35 in some areas). The current model only works with manual wheelchairs and is not recommended for quads, or those with limited upper body strength or hand control. The interior is small, maybe leaving room for a couple of small bags, but not much else. Starting at $18,995, the Chairiot solo does not come cheaply. Rivals Kenguru and EcoCentre also have very similar vehicles in the works, but have yet to deliver any to market stateside.

Hand Controls
(June, Motorvation)