Yes to Global Perspective
I loved the geographic breadth and depth that Ian Ruder worked into the local biographies in your global access cover story

[“Changing Global Access,” August 2014]. I am extremely pleased to see NM expanding to a global perspective in this very person-centered approach. Starting with the macro scope from Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo’s years of experience, and including Emily Rose Yates as she ventures into the field with her Brazilian jaunt, you found a few of the stars out there doing amazing stuff.
Scott Rains
San Jose, California

Come Visit
This is a lovely article about the wonderful places around Sonoma to visit [“Fall Colors of California,” August 2014]. I’m originally from this area and I love being able to share with people how incredible it is to see the amazing valleys, forests and coast of Northern California. I hope giving people an idea of accessible places they can visit will encourage them to drive up north away from the busy Southern California areas.
Deborah Gregson
Greensboro, North Carolina

Sonoma, Yes — SFO, No
I am a C4-5 quad, and my now wife and I were married last October in Santa Rosa with a reception in a vineyard in the Russian River Valley [“