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Keep Your Pants On
PantHookThe PantHook is the solution for the age-old problem of not having enough hands to easily self-cath. A discrete black panel about the size of your palm, the PantHook slides under your cushion; pull the connected hook up and snag your pants and underwear, and it acts like a third hand, keeping them out of the way for easier cathing.

Mark Van Linden, a T10 para from Grand Rapids, Mich., is the brains behind the PantHook. He devised the hook after two-plus years of using a “hideous-looking thing with surgical tubing” that he’d received during his initial rehab. He loved the way the device helped make cathing easier and mess-free, but hated the way it looked. Applying the skills he’s learned in the auto industry, he started prototyping a more discrete replacement in December 2012 and by February of this year he had it down.

The PantHook is already changing Van Linden’s life. When he is not working in his job with the federal government, you can find him in his van, parked by a McDonald’s so he can use the free Wi-Fi to respond to orders and keep building his web site. “This has taken off so fast,” he says. “I can’t keep up with it! It’s like overnight stardom.”

For more info, go to and watch this instructional video on Youtube: