The following 16 exercises and more can be found at PhysioTherapy Exercises for people with injuries and disabilities. Even though most of the illustrations depict a para, these exercises are designed to help quads strengthen their arms and shoulders with the assistance of a physical therapist.

one1. Elbow extensor strengthening with pulleys

Therapist’s aim: To strengthen the elbow extensors.

Your aim: To strengthen your triceps.

Therapist’s instructions: Position wheelchair user facing the pulleys. Adjust the pulley system so the direction of pull opposes elbow extension. Instruct the wheelchair user to extend their elbow.

Your instructions: Position yourself facing the pulleys. Adjust the pulley so the direction of pull is downwards from the ceiling. Start with your elbow bent and tucked in beside your body. Finish with your elbow straight.

Progressions and variations: