Tek RMDUpdate March 1, 2017:

The Tek RMD (“robotic mobilization device”) by Matia Robotics will be sold exclusively in the United States by Numotion starting today. Tek RMD offers the ability for those in a manual wheelchair to complete everyday activities from a standing position. Unlike other standers, users can board and control the device unassisted.

A couple of years ago the Internet and media went crazy over a video of a young man using a streamlined machine that looked like a cross between a standing frame and a wheelchair to move around in a standing position. The product was the Tek RMD (Robotic Mobilization Device), and in news bits and videos all over the Web it promised no less than to revolutionize how paraplegics and others with difficulty standing could access their world. At 15.6 inches wide and 29.5 inches long, the Tek RMD appeared to offer users unparalleled navigability in tight spaces in addition to the benefi