Peaceful Serenity
Reading about accessibility travel in the San Juan Islands was encouraging

[“Discovering the San Juan Islands,” June 2014]. Having traveled there before my injury, I kayaked to Sucia Island from Orcas Island where we camped. The peaceful serenity of mountainous islands meeting the waters of the Pacific Northwest made for a great experience. Watching fish swim below us after dark through motion-activated bio-luminescent algae, being followed by seals, and seeing the whales, topped it off.

Locals on Orcas Island were some of the friendliest, open-armed, and eclectic group of villagers I’ve met. I would suggest bringing a car to Orcas, as the main attractions are a few miles from the ferry landing and getting a view from the top of Mt. Moran is a must. However, it would be fun to bike and ferry tour around the islands, as the traffic is extremely low in most places and the scenery and wildlife are great.
Rob Wudlick
Excelsior, Minnesota

Thanks for Taxi Victory
Thank you for your important information about the change in accessible taxi policy [“Big Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Win in NYC,” May News,]. I am a paraplegic physician who