I like doing the unexpected from my wheelchair whenever possible — looking sexy (check), swearing like a sailor (check), being an accomplished writer (check), and after my injury I made sure to get good at playing cards.

You see, there’s nothing more satisfying than the look in a nondisabled person’s eyes when they realize they’ve been beaten by someone with a disability — especially a woman — and so I play cards. At the casino. That’s right, the quintessential “man’s game.”

When deciding which card games to focus on, I played what came naturally to me — blackjack and Pai Gow. Pai Gow is a quick and fun little variation of poker, and the first time I pulled up to a blackjack table was — my oh my — one of the most nerve wracking experiences of my life. I had so many questions: What would the dealer and other players think about my quad hands? Could I ask for help if I needed it? Was it even prudent to do so?

After a few embarrassing situations, I quickly realized no one feels comfortable touching my cards. I couldn’t hold them very well, so the next time I went to the casino I brought someone along to help me, and have done so ever since — I’m always chaperoned by either a boyfriend or a friend when I play.

While some of you hardcore players may think this sounds awful, it’s been