Positive Effect of Gaming
Thank you for running the article on accessible gaming

[“Accessible Gaming: Evolution of Equality,” May 2014]. The topic of video games, and the effect they have on people with disabilities, is not discussed enough. There is still an unfair stigma attached to video games despite research showing that playing video games improves social function, increases rehabilitation ability, enhances moods, stops depression and relieves thoughts of suicide in those with PTSD.

It’s my job as COO of AbleGamers to continue the open dialogue on game accessibility, the importance of video games to those with disabilities, and the need for assistive technology to bridge the gap between players and the video games they love. I enjoyed working with Ian Ruder on the story. My heart is filled with hope every time a reporter asks to talk about the importance of accessibility. We need to keep the dialogue open and let people know how video games can positively affect their lives.
Steve Spohn
AbleGamers COO

Seeger: Accessibility Pioneer
What a neat treat to read Robert Samuels’ excellent article about Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival in your May issue! [“Welcome to the Clearwater Revival Festival”]. I grew up near where the festival is held, and long before I dreamed of